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Entry #18

Does anyone have tips on shading?

2016-03-13 16:24:48 by xXSp1cyN1njaXx

i'm not really good at it.5074211_145790068193_gohandigital-Copy.png


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2016-03-13 16:56:20

Out of interest, how many layers are you working on?

xXSp1cyN1njaXx responds:

probably four


2016-03-13 18:16:23

The only tip I can give about shading is to consider the light source.

And I'm only saying that because I'm not clear where it is supposed to be in this pic - if you're saying it's from the top left, then shade under the chin and neck, and where the folds in the clothes/belt would block the light for layers underneath.

Less-is-more for tones, too. Highlights and really dark tones are more effective if they are kept to a minimum. It's up to you if you want 3+ different tones for shades, but I don't think it's worth the effort.